Staying Healthy as a Writer Can Help You Manage Stress

People running on treadmillsAs an writer, things tend to be a little more difficult to manage, especially when it comes to our surroundings. A typical day may begin very early, but depending on the agenda, could easily fizzle out. This is not necessarily the kind of occupation that should be considered as laid back, although when you stop by the doctor for a regular check up it could mean a stern warning about getting out a little bit more and burning some calories, here are a few ideas about doing just that.

Poetry in motion

Nothing spells writers block more than downtime with no incentive. An author spends a considerable amount of time sitting behind his desk, with little more than the thoughts in his brain and the family photos in front of him. Note to self, time for new pictures! Whether you stand up and touch your toes a few times to get the adrenaline moving, design a desk that allows you to run in one position, or do some exercises with your thumbs, most of your daily exercise routine will probably take place right behind the desk.

Tools of the trade

For those who don’t know any better, authors are not handcuffed to their desks, in fact, they can get up and visit the bathroom a few times a day, a little more often for some authors. Think about using the desk as a prop to stretch, then take a walk around the block a few times. This would also be a good opportunity to grab a cappuccino.. Read more…

How to Start Your Career as an Author

Turning a love of writing into a career is difficult but not impossible. A writing career, however, require commitment, dedication, and a serious work ethic. One fallacy to avoid is thinking that writing is all about inspiration. If you only write when you feel inspired, you will end up wasting lots of time. Successful authors tend to treat writing like a job. John Updike, one the America’s most proficient authors has a very strong work ethic. His goal is to writer two finished pages every day. He starts in the morning, takes a lunch break, and then writes until late afternoon. His polished pages quickly add up day after day and week after week.

 Authors Are Well Read
Almost every good writer has an insatiable thirst for all sorts of literature. Writers tend to be well-read and to have an innate curiosity for ideas. Inspiration does not occur in a vacuum. Most writers develop their voice and sense of style by imitating their literary heroes. For example, the 19th century playwright Henrik Ibsen was a major influence on James Joyce. Joyce’s influence, in turn weighed heavily on the 20th century playwright Samuel Beckett. Digesting the literary classics, from the Greeks to the contemporary, provides a firm foundation for all aspiring authors. Writers, however, absorb ideas from other sources as well. Ibsen and Joyce were avid newspaper readers.

Don’t Write In A Vacuum
Join a local writer’s group. Writing can be a very lonely activity and it is difficult to view your own work objectively. Interacting with other writers has a number of advantages for the aspiring writer. A writer’s group provides a sounding board for your work. Sharing work and ideas with other writers provides important feedback and constructive criticism that will help you develop as a writer. An additional benefit is that working with a group of writers is a good way to stay up-to-date about writer conferences and contests and the professional world of writing in general. Read more…

Read to Your Children as Early as Possible

Getting children interested in reading is a very important part of parenting.  It is never too late to develop good reading habits and to instill reading values on children.  There are so many benefits to having a child who is interested in reading books.  Reading for pleasure is something that many find enjoyable and a way to relax.  Pleasure reading will help all through school, into college and even into adulthood.

It is not disputed that a child should be read to every night.  A child that is read too on a regular basis will most likely learn to read earlier and will have a better success rate at an earlier age.  Children whose parents read to them on a regular basis connect better to their parents and are able to openly talk about more subjects.  A night time reading ritual opens the door to better communication with the child.

Why Is Reading to your Child Important?

Children whose parents read to them at an early in age have a much stronger imagination overall than those that don’t.  Once their imagination is developed and they want to explore new places and adventures they will begin to do it on their own.  A child who finds things that they really enjoy will seek out new books and authors to read.  Taking a trip to a library to discover new books is a great way to open up new worlds of reading.
A parent needs to make reading as fun as possible.  Some kids just don’t naturally want to read and explore but a gentle nudge sometimes help them to pick up a book and just read it.  Parents that use different voices and interact with the story characters will inspire a child to want to do it more and more.  Using sounds, gestures and funny voices all help in making reading fun and exciting. Read more…

The Best Firearm Safety Education Books

- Best for Guns at Home:

“Keeping Your Family Safe: The Responsibilities of Firearm Ownership.” by Timothy Wheeler and E. John Whipfler. $15.71 for paperback.

BookstotheskyThis books is written by two physicians and they set the tone of caring family doctors. Topics include firearms training, safety rules, storage and self-defense tactics. They also bring in some medical aspects as they cover treating gunshot wounds and first aid kits for the home. While the doctors are clearly pro-gun, they do not shy away from discussing the ethics and laws in use of deadly force and heavily emphasize that gun ownership comes with serious responsibility. This book is a good basic text, extremely readable, with balanced viewpoints from men of credibility.

– Best for Hunters:

“The Field & Stream Firearms Safety Handbook” by Doug Painter. $46

Doug Painter, a well-known writer for Field and Stream magazine compiles many of his articles along with additional information in this comprehensive book. Safety is placed paramount for all things related to firearms. The writing is interesting with true stories of hunting accidents interspersed. Topics include the mechanics of firearms, accidents, information for all types of hunters, and more. This is a must read for any hunters and it gives a great insight on all types of rifle accessories like the best rifle scopes. Read more…

Top 10 Best Exercise Books

Top 10 Best Exercise Books written by: hoggy1 There are a lot of exercise books in the market, which has tons of good information about different forms of exercise. Now if you are confused about which book to select that covers and has every aspect of fitness exercises. Here are the top 10 best exercise books that have images that are easy-to-follow and it is for beginners as well as athletes.

1. ACSM Fitness Book (2nd Edition):-
– American College of Sports Medicine knows information about exercise better than many other institutes.
– This publication delivers easy-to-understand guidelines about putting together a plan and also modifying the item to suit your objectives and also routine.
– Photographs show the appropriate variety of resistance training and also freedom routines and you will perhaps be able to assess your current level of fitness and also trail advancement.
– Includes a write off workout sign to help history your current physical exercises.

2. Getting Stronger:-
– I like this specific publication! It covers basic principles involving fitness training for standard people in addition to for bodybuilders and also sportsmen.  It’s great for people just getting into kayaking, especially anglers.
– Furthermore, it includes sport-specific coaching for 21 various sporting activities.
– You will discover comprehensive guidelines and also pics (over 100 health and fitness programs) in addition to information about equipment, exercising, having accidental injuries and also exclusive attention will be inclined to females who are with child. Read more…

Fighting Childhood Illiteracy Through Education

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIlliteracy is a major problem in the educational system. Many children have very low reading levels that often lead to their becoming adults who can’t function well in the workplace, in the home and in society. Despite the efforts to remedy the problem, there is still a lot of work needed to be done.

  • Role of the Parents

Parents are a child’s first instructor. They have the responsibility of exposing their children to reading and vocabulary building. Unfortunately, many parents cannot read or speak intelligently themselves. Schools should find a way to become involve before the child enrolls. One way to do this is to allow schools to reach parents through hospitals and clinics where mothers receive prenatal medical care. Here representatives of the school district have the opportunity to explain to parents the process of helping their child learn. For example, they can explain that reading to their child and talking with their child will help build vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. If parents cannot read, the representative can provide them with a list of schools or literacy centers in the area that can help them learn to read. By learning to read themselves, the parent will become qualified to help the child with learning throughout their academic life.

As the child grows, parents should take them to the library during story time. They can also allow children to check out books and read the stories with them. After the stories are read, parents can ask questions to build reading comprehension.

  • Role of the Teacher

Once children enroll in school, the teacher becomes a partner with the parent to help a child continue to learn and grow. Unfortunately, many children start school without knowing the alphabet and without proper vocabulary skills which are mandatory for reading and writing. Teachers must implement teaching strategies right away to deal with these issues before the child becomes disheartened with school. For example, teachers can spend extra time tutoring students after school or recommend that parents get a tutor. Read more…

Literary Terms: Chekhov’s Gun & Foreshadowing

Literary terms are devices in literature which are used by an author to achieve certain effects in the reader’s perception of a story. While the list of literary terms is ongoing, it is necessary to understand these principles in both reading and writing literature. This article, will discuss only two of the many literary terms: Chekhov’s Gun and foreshadowing.

What is Checkhov’s Gun??

Chekhov’s gun is a literary term used mostly by writers, as its principle is related to the science of writing fiction. The idea is simple: include only necessary details, trash the rest. This principle comes straight from Anton Chekhov’s, playwright, mouth.  Chekhov asserts that “If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, [sic: You should keep guns in a gun safe…] then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don’t put it there.”

guns and literatureThere are multiple variations of this quote, but Chekhov’s point remains solid throughout all of these: details included in writing should be poignant. The name of this idea becomes relevant from Chekhov’s actual quote, and though the quote refers to acts in a play, it can be applied to many types of narrative writing. This article discussed reasons both to employ, or not, Chekhov’s gun. Read more…

Top Outdoor Cooking Guides

GrillingWith the summer approaching, the 85% of Americans who love to cook outside will be dusting off their grills and cleaning up the cooking utensils. Or they may be looking hard to decide which grill is best for them for a new purchase or a replacement for the old faithful grill.

There is a wealth of grills made from gas to charcoal and even electric ones if your space is small or you face restrictions, and they are made by all the recognized brands. For some ideas of which may suit you, we pulled some of our data from

What to cook

Let’s start with the basics; burgers. It isn’t a complicated thing to cook a burger on the grill for majority of people but sometimes you might crave something more. A new release for this April is Weber’s Big Book of Burgers: The Ultimate Guide to Grilling Backyard Classics which is created by the people that make the Weber grills. The chef behind it is Jamie Purviance who is recognized as one of the top grilling experts in the country, so should have some experience with burgers! The book is aimed at taking the favorites of every barbecue and giving them a modern and updated option, as well as some good, everyday tips for all areas of grilling.

Big Green Egg Cookbook: Celebrating the World’s Best Smoker and Grill is a book aimed at a particular grill, the Big Green Egg. This is a charcoal grill that comes in five different sizes and can grill, smoke, roast and even bake. Here are selections of ideas aimed at the specific product that are proven to work and has been written by Ed Fisher, the founder of the brand. It is available in paperback and hardback and also in a Kindle version for e-readers. Read more…